James Lyng High School

 My tasks as the project manager of the mural were to organize various creative workshops between the artists and chosen students from the school. The workshops consisted of helping the artists conduct research and conceptualize the mural and introducing the creative process behind the project to the students. I also facilitated connections between students and the artists, including some becoming artist assistants to Monk-e and Haks180, and enabled a day where community members were invited to paint a section of the mural. Lastly, I coordinated the communications between the artists and the school administration.  

Here is a link to a interview that the 3 of us gave to the local news paper:



This was a wonderful opportunity to learn how to manage, organize, and help deliver my biggest project to date. I am grateful to the James Lyng High School administration and Melissa Proetti’s trust in me to oversee this mural. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and know from one of the best in the game and at the same time close my 3 years of collaboration with this wonderful High School.