About jimmy


Jimmy Baptiste is a father, youth educator/facilitator, graphic artist, curator and muralist raised in Montreal, Quebec.  His work is inspire by the imaginative world of tattoos, graffiti and typography, manga culture and comic books, which has helped him create his unique aesthetic style and compelling high quality illustration. The objective of his work is to create strong imageries and compelling vibrant visual composition using a mix of organic delicate lines and bold strokes using flat tones and/or flowing colourful palette.

With 10 years of experience for the city of Montreal and more then 14 years in professional practice, Jimmy offers high value service and supports on art based pedagogy workshops and activities that delivers and manages curated exhibits and creative community-media projects. His aim is to develop and provides his clients a unique approach to education and appropriation of their learning space through the arts. He promotes the use of murals as graffiti vandalism deterrent, engages people of all ages in positive skill-building experiences while simultaneously supporting local arts and culture, and enhancing the City’s or the cultural establishments beauty for residents and visitors.

 In 2015, Jimmy received the P. Lantz Bursary as an artist-in-residency from the Department of Integrated Studies and Education (D.I.S.E) of McGill University in Montreal. There, he collaborated with teacher Dr. Fiona J Benson to engage future teacher/students and local community organisations in arts-based workshops in a non-formal educational setting. Jimmy also facilitated the creation of a collective mural between McGill students and various local artists that is currently hanging in the lobby of the D.I.S.E building plus was invited as a guest speaker at The Artful Inquiry Seminar to speak about his residency experience.

Since 2016, as collaborated with various organisations such as A’Shop and Under Pressure and is currently working as art facilitator/educator, curator and muralist with Dr. Bronwen Low of McGill University and James Lyng in Montreal on the development of an “Urban Art” high school initiative funded by the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant with the aim to transform a disadvantage high school through the art and facilitates co-teaching processes between artist and teachers amongst other freelance outreach art collaborations.

As a graphic artist, Jimmy as collaborated and worked on various jobs such as the Under Pressure Graffiti festival branding in 2017, the Programme Graffiti Lachine (2004- 2007 and 2009 to 2016) David Bitton Buffalo jeans (2007-2009) and various freelance project.