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Mural @ Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal Canada.

Title: "LADIES"

Medium: Latex and acrylic on canvas and wall.

Dimensions: 10 f by 22 f

Year: 2014

About: I wanted to create giant illustrations using the walls and floor as my canvas. I brought a 3d aspect to the space by painting the female faces on top of three canvases previously mounted on the wall.

Mural creation @ Fresh Paint Gallery in Montreal with HAKS 180

Project: Summer Graffiti Workshops

Number of kids and teenagers: 15

Length of the workshop: 2h x 6 days

About: Over the last 4 years I have been offering graffiti and street art workshop at a beautiful art summer camp for kids called Long Bay Camp. Over the period of 6 days the kids get to learn and create different designs and illustrations on various mediums such as t-shirts canvas and wood. In these workshops, we explore the concept of typography, illustrations and designs of various types of letters.


Alphabet workshop at Long Bay Camp

Alphabet workshop at Long Bay Camp

T-shirt workshop at Long Bay Camp

T-shirt workshop at Long Bay Camp

Guest speaker @ We Day Montreal

Project: Guest Speaker at We Day Montreal 2015

About: On March 24th and 25th 2015, I was invited to speak, in french and english, in front of two thousand kids and teenagers committed to social change about my personal experiences as a youth art educator and artist. The objective of the talk was to elaborate on:

-        what makes a person an artist? Is it their creativity, their passion, their knowledge? Can anyone be an artist?

-        Why is art such a great alternative outlet for young people to express their creativity and learn about themselves? 

-        Explained my struggle through some aspects of school and how art helped me discover who I am as a person.

Generation Graffiti -Xpression Graffiti Documentary


Documentary (in french): Xpression Graffiti is a 12 episode documentary that connects graffiti and the urban art culture in relation to our society, general and youth education and art.

About: In 2012, I was ask to be part of a documentary that connected graffiti and street art to art education and community work. I was asked to elaborate on the importance of art in education and how the graffiti workshop created by Le programme Graffiti was able to help teenagers escape their everyday life to create an imaginary one with their new found skill. For the occasion, the filming crew documented a skateboard workshop at our office in Lachine and interviewed some of the kids there about their involvement in the workshop and the impact it had in their lives.

Mural @ Sid Lee's Adidas Creative Offices

Title: SidLee Mural

Medium: Wheat Paste, Prints and spray can on walls.

Dimensions: 15 f by 10 f

Year: 2013

About: Artistic director Justin R. Saunders and I were commissioned to create and embellish the Adidas Creative office @ SidLee in Montreal. The idea was to wheat paste reproductions of my watercolour illustrations in giant format, while Justin spray-painted typography in connection to my work.

Magazine 4am

Project: 4am Magazine

Number of pages: 36

About: The 4am Magazine was created by Le Programme Graffiti and a young group of youth from Lachine in 2010. It documents the cultural and graffiti events in Montreal and abroad as well as highlights different artists and individuals that help to keep the culture alive in the city.



Medium: Pencil on paper

dimensions: 11 in x 17 in

Year: 2011 to 2013

About: TYPEFACE is a carefully crafted series of illustrations representing each letter of the alphabet.

This drawing style is inspired by art nouveau, mangas, and tattoo designs.