Ecole Luke Mettaweskum school


Eeyou Itschee, Northen Quebec


On October 6th 2018, I had the opportunity to facilitate my second art residency for *Mikw Chiyam art concentration program at Ecole Luke Mettaweskum School in Nemaska, a small community of just under 750 people, in Northern Quebec. For 6 weeks, I, along with Jamie Bradbury, the school art teacher and ex Mikw Chiyam artist, helped 23 students create three-dimensional letters and graphic illustration posters. I also created a mural assisted by the primary school students.

 During the art classes, students learned how to use technology and traditional media to create colorful illustrations inspired by someone who had a positive influence in their lives. Students were able to use photoshopped images, light tables, typography, paint markers, and watercolors to produce their creations. These workshops promoted interactive learning, artistic empowerment, and helped individuals find their own creative voices.

 For our final exhibit, we took over the local mall wall for our “POP-UP SHOW” to display the wonderful students’ work to the community.  This initiative gave the students the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience while giving the older members and others the opportunity to see the illustrations in a public place. It was a wonderful sight to see so many people come support and admire the beautiful creations. Thank you to the mall owner and the grocery store manager Mike, for helping us plan this event.

 I would also like to thank the Ecole Luke Mettaweskum School administration and especially the students for making this experience an unforgettable one. From discovering K-Pop and sharing hip-hop music in our endlessly fun after-school open studio time, to getting to know other teachers, to planning road trips, to nature walks and early snow, I will keep great memories of Nemaska. Thank you Jamie and Lilliane for the good times.

 I can’t wait to see some of the students at the Mikw Chiyam Art Festival in June 2019!