James Lyng  High school

Urban arts - Inspired minds

Montreal, Quebec


From 2015 to 2018 (the last two were as a resident artist), I had the privilege of working initially as a lunch-time graffiti art facilitator and eventually as a collaborating art facilitator/educator, curator, and muralist with James Lyng High School in Montreal on the elaboration of an “Urban Art” high school initiative. The aim of this program was to support and alter a disadvantaged school through the arts by facilitating co-teaching projects with various teachers through freelance outreach art collaborations. This project was made possible under the supervision of Dr. Bronwen Low of McGill University and was funded by the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant.


Working at James Lyng really opened up my understanding on the importance of applying the arts in the regular school curriculum. As an artist, I was able to develop my experience as an art curator and project manager, helping Nathan Gage, the 15+ Entrepreneurship program coordinator, plan, organise, and exhibit various show such as Up Next Hip Hop Festival, The Struggle for Black Equality *, The Politics of Hope and Fear, and Lives Of The South West 2017. Through theses various project, students were encouraged and mentored toward building socially engaged art-based art shows while being involved in every step of their creation. It always marvels me to see them going through the struggle of figuring out what kind of project they want to bring forward to the world, to their pride once the show is set up and people are there admiring their hard work.

I hope that I will have the chance to collaborate with James Lyng again in the near future!


Mural by Monk.e, Haks180, Jimmy Baptiste and the students of James Lyng high

Montreal, Quebec


Cross colaboration mural creation


Up gallery exhibits


Lives of the South West

The “Lives Of The South West” exhibit, an interactive art show that was created a couple of months before, inspired the mural. The show documented the stories and lives of regular community members of the South West through voice-recordings. It also included a mural that depicted various hallmarks of these neighborhoods and that was painted by the students of the 15+ Entrepreneurship class.


Politics of Fear and Hope


James Lyng Hip-Hop Festival 2016