Mural @ Fresh Paint Gallery 2014 photo  by NIcky Robinson

Mural @ Fresh Paint Gallery 2014 photo by NIcky Robinson

Jimmy Baptiste is a youth facilitator, graphic artist, and curator, raised in Montreal, Quebec. His work is inspired by the beautiful world of tattoos, graffiti, mangas and comic books. His knowledge of art history and popular culture has helped him create his unique aesthetic style and compelling high quality illustrations.


Over the last 10 years Jimmy as been working as a youth facilitator for the city of Montreal and various schools across the city of Montreal, where he offers street art contemporary activities aimed at empowering and building up the sense of self worth trough the arts. In 2015, Jimmy received the P. Lantz Bursary as an artist-in-residence from McGill University. There, he collaborated with local community organizations, McGill Faculty of Education students and teachers to offer free artistic workshops with an emphasis on engaging teaching in a non-formal setting. Jimmy has also been invited as a guest speaker for various art educational talks and documentaries for Pressure Graffiti Convention, and McGill University and Save the Children/WEDAY.


As a graphic designer and artist, Jimmy as worked for international fashion companies such as Workshop Denim in New Zealand, Buffalo David Bitton, the Sid Lee \ Adidas Creative office in Montreal and the city of Montreal.